About Us

About Us

Solomon and Jamila are Certified Marriage Breakthrough Coaches. They have been married for twelve years. They met in graduate school at Palmer Theological Seminary affiliated with Eastern University. They have five beautiful children. Solomon and Jamila have a passion to encourage others to know that there is hope no matter their situation. They love talking and listening to married couples share their stories. They don’t have any problems with sharing about their marriage since they believe being transparent as led by the Holy Spirit allows healing, deliverance as well as it can save someone’s life or marriage!

Solomon and Jamila have different experiences after being married for twelve years that has helped some marriages.

They wrote a book titled "Now What? After the Wedding and Honeymoon is Over". Additionally, they have attended various trainings, conferences, and events on the topic of marriage.

Our Purpose And Mission:

  • 1

    To Enhance Marriages

  • 2

    To Take Marriages To The Next Level

  • 3

    To Create Healthy/Healthier Marriages

Starting your forever journey together is just the beginning. Let us help you navigate the ups and downs and create a future filled with love, laughter, and growth. Our marriage coaching services focus on building a strong foundation for your journey ahead.

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